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The Cookie Crumbles: Girl Scouts Face Supply Chain Issues

March 15, 2023

The Cookie Monster in all of us will have to learn a little restraint this year. In what is becoming a familiar story, supply chain issues have hit yet another beloved American staple: Girl Scout Cookies.

Specifically, some fan-favorite varieties, including Toffee-Tastics, Samoas, and the all-new Raspberry Rally (think of a Thin Mint, only with a raspberry-flavored cookie covered in chocolate), were not immediately available online in all parts of the United States.

The Girl Scouts quickly assured a nation of snackless consumers that these issues only affect online orders. You can still find and buy cookies in person from your local troops. Unfortunately, Raspberry Rallies were launched this year as a limited online exclusive. They were sold out quickly, leading to heavy markups on resale sites - some asking $100 or more for two boxes.1,2

As your financial professional, I must remind you that cookies are likely a terrible investment opportunity. In my office, they do not last very long. While you can put them in the freezer, people still find them and gobble them up. In any event, I hope you (and any Girl Scouts you may be supporting) have a good cookie season.

Those raspberry ones really do sound good, don’t they?

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