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Greg Jackson*

Greg believes everybody deserves to have clarity within their lives. Often, this starts with financial clarity, but can spread to the rest of their lives - personally and professionally. Having this certainty can help to reduce stress or anxiety that many Americans face when it comes to their finances, enabling them to relax and enjoy time with their family, invest in their hobbies, or grow their business with confidence.

As a husband and proud father of two beautiful girls, both of whom are soon (if not already) entering their teen years, he is in the thick of it, but loving every minute of it. Before moving to the financial industry and becoming a financial advisor, Greg was a sales professional for many years, as well as a consultant, so understands where many of his clients are coming from as they are running a mile a minute. After developing many relationships, and helping countless companies, he realized that what he appreciated most about his career was working with people, and that he could have an even greater impact on people through helping them to create efficiencies and aiming to maximize the outcomes of their own finances.

This is why Greg now works with individuals, families, and small businesses on their financial strategies, helping them to feel more comfortable and gain clarity around money. He enjoys really getting to know people beyond a simple spreadsheet of numbers - their concerns, wants, and desires - so he can work with them to help them achieve their goals as efficiently, and with as much certainty, as possible.

When Greg is not spending time with his family or working with clients, he can be found riding or racing his bike in cyclocross, mountain, or road disciplines. Greg also enjoys reef keeping, so ask him about the fish or corals in the tank in his office when you come by!